The “Song 2” by Blur and the magical connection with 2

The authors of the “Song 2” say that they wrote it as a parody of the “grunge” style, which at that time was very popular. Moreover, they were not even going to initially include the track in the album, considering it too short, but the producers immediately saw the next hit in it.

The history of “Song 2” by Blur

The name first was the working title of the song. In the process of rehearsals, it stuck, and the guys did not want to change it. The band members later tried to finalize the track, but nothing good came of it. Release and achievements of the song proved that it is a one hundred percent hit. The composition was included in the album Blur. It performed well in the charts of many countries. The song is also included in the lists of the best songs in various top lists. It is actively used in modern culture. It can often be heard in advertisements, television shows, feature films, sports competitions and so on. Several dozens of cover versions were recorded on it. The US military also wanted to use “Song 2” for the presentation of a new model of the stealth bomber, but the members of the “Blur” opposed such idea. Listen to free songs and have fun.

The number “Two”

This composition is accompanied by figure 2 everywhere. In addition to the title, it lasts 2 minutes, was released the second single from the album, in which it is in the second position and reached the second place in the British charts. The plot of the video is that the band is in a small room, and as soon as the chorus sounds, they begin to fly around.